Betty E. Garrett

About Betty E. Garrett

Betty is a leader in Meeting Professionals International, having served as chapter president, and was the recipient of the Marion Kershner Memorial Leadership Award by MPI. The National Speakers Association named her the Partner of the Year, and she has helped many speakers gain momentum on the speaking circuit.
20 05, 2015

Finding the Right Speaker for the Right Audience at the Best Price


You’ve heard the adage, “champagne taste on a beer income.” This applies when looking for the right speaker at the right price. You want name recognition to be a draw for your meeting, but you also have to manage your budget. So, what can you do? The four major steps in securing the right speaker [...]

18 04, 2015

Meetings Industry Insights


Meetings Industry Members are professionals who plan and/or implement a large spectrum of meetings, conferences, trade shows and suppliers who provide facilities and services for those events. Industry Facts More than 96% of meeting planners use technology for marketing their meetings and 56% in the production and educational instruction of meetings. Planners will use controlled [...]

10 03, 2015

Who Makes the Best Speakers for Your Event


Overnight, your company responsibilities have changed and now you are charged with finding a speaker for the upcoming meeting...where do you begin? You ask yourself, what about a professional speaker? Great... you call some of your friends and find the definition of a professional speaker is as diverse as the topics speakers address today. Before [...]

5 02, 2015

Seven Myths About Speaker Bureaus


Myth #l: Speaker bureaus only book celebrities and top billing personalities such as Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Anthony Robbins and Terry Bradshaw. Fact: While those speakers are available, quality speaker bureaus work with ALL budgets. Not every event merits a high-end speaker, however, every event deserves a professional speaker worth a proven performance record regardless [...]