20 05, 2015

Finding the Right Speaker for the Right Audience at the Best Price


You’ve heard the adage, “champagne taste on a beer income.” This applies when looking for the right speaker at the right price. You want name recognition to be a draw for your meeting, but you also have to manage your budget. So, what can you do? The four major steps in securing the right speaker [...]

18 04, 2015

Meetings Industry Insights


Meetings Industry Members are professionals who plan and/or implement a large spectrum of meetings, conferences, trade shows and suppliers who provide facilities and services for those events. Industry Facts More than 96% of meeting planners use technology for marketing their meetings and 56% in the production and educational instruction of meetings. Planners will use controlled [...]

10 03, 2015

Who Makes the Best Speakers for Your Event


Overnight, your company responsibilities have changed and now you are charged with finding a speaker for the upcoming meeting...where do you begin? You ask yourself, what about a professional speaker? Great... you call some of your friends and find the definition of a professional speaker is as diverse as the topics speakers address today. Before [...]

5 02, 2015

Seven Myths About Speaker Bureaus


Myth #l: Speaker bureaus only book celebrities and top billing personalities such as Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Anthony Robbins and Terry Bradshaw. Fact: While those speakers are available, quality speaker bureaus work with ALL budgets. Not every event merits a high-end speaker, however, every event deserves a professional speaker worth a proven performance record regardless [...]