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Project Description

Billy Riggs, MDiv, MRE, CSP

The World’s Only DIS-illusionist!

Billy Riggs has been called “The Dr. Phil of Magic,” and is America’s source for all things attitude! Through television, radio, books, videos, his helpful website ( and live keynote speeches Billy has used an unusual blend of comedy, music, magic, and motivation to spread his positive attitude to more than a million people on five continents. A spellbinding communicator, Mr. Riggs honed his uplifting message and speaking skills in the pulpit, founding one of America’s fastest-growing churches at the age of 29. Though his presentations now are secular, audiences sometimes sense the old preacher in him, stirred by his sincerity and power on the platform. In 2002, Mr. Riggs was presented the highest earned award of the National Speakers Association: the Certified Speaking Professional. Since 1995, he has breathed The Magic of Attitude into people, companies and organizations.

But the goose bumps aren’t always the result of dramatic oratory. When Billy Riggs appears, things on stage begin to disappear! Using world-class magical illusions and comedy to drive home his points, Billy’s presentations have transformed hundreds of otherwise ordinary conferences into something truly special. His quick wit and quicker hands spread laughter and raise morale as listeners learn to reshape their destinies by eliminating their “Grand Illusions” and embracing even grander truths.

Topic Titles

The Power of a PMA (Positively Magical Attitude)!

How to Achieve the Impossible!

How to Provide Magical Customer Service

Positively Magical Selling!

Raise morale and improve attitudes in one fun session!

Management and Leadership Training and Inspiration

Learn the five magical ingredients of stellar service

Demolish the psychological illusions that hinder sales


Replace Your Grand Illusions with Grander Realities

The Twelve Immutable Laws of Humor

Magatudes (Coming out in 2012)

List of Past Clients

  • IBM
  • Walmart
  • Bank of America
  • State Farm
  • Pillsbury
  • General Mills
  • Burger King
  • Chevron
  • Sprint
  • Sea World
  • Rockwell Collins
  • DuPont