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Project Description

Jeff Nischwitz

Unleashing leaders, rainmakers, teams and lives

Recently called the “Wayne Dyer of business”, Jeff Nischwitz is a force of nature and is waking up business and association audiences across the country with his messages about conscious leadership, a new way of being (personally and professionally), and his courageous injection of authenticity, vulnerability and intimate relationships into the business world. Big in stature and bigger in heart, Jeff Nischwitz is leading audiences on a magical journey of self awareness and discovery that is transforming organizations, leaders, teams, and people!

“Accelerator.” “Master Storyteller.” “Story Debunker.” This is how leaders describe Jeff Nischwitz, the Founder of The Nischwitz Group (, a speaking and coaching firm that transforms people and organizations… one story at a time!

Jeff energizes and captivates audiences on a wide range of topics including: Conscious Leadership… Revenue Acceleration… Accountable High Performing Teams… Relationship Building and Business Development… Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs… and Personal Transformation. Recognized for his purposeful and insightful questions, Jeff is known as a master facilitator who works with organizations to clarify their vision and build impactful stories.

Inviting Jeff to wake up your audience is an invitation to acceleration, disruptive thinking, and inspired perspectives on the impact of stories in their business and their life… an experience that others have called Getting Jeffed!

Topic Titles

Wake Up Your Leadership

Accelerate Your Business… One Relationship at a Time

Waking Up to Exponential Thinking: A Paradigm Shift for Change and Innovation

Story Time Is Over: Debunking the Stories That Are Blocking Your Way


Think Again: Innovative Approaches to the Business of law (2007)

Unmasked: Let Go of Who You’re Supposed to Be and Unleash Your True Leader (September 2014)

List of Past Clients

  • Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • Century 21 Global Conference
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Prime Global Conference
  • First South Bank
  • Zinner & Co.
  • Kahn Litwin Renza
  • Ohio Circulation Manager’s Conference
  • Association of Legal Administrators
  • International Facility Managers Association
  • Ohio Library Council
  • Ward & Smith