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No Excuses, just results

Kenny J Anderson has developed a Global leadership company that creates measurable results for organizations and individuals throughout the world.  With his Bestselling book, Common Denominators For Success, Anderson focuses on a universal Blueprint For Success that produces personal and professional results.

Recently, Anderson completed a World Tour covering 55,000 miles in 50 days, visiting 15 countries and 6 continents talking with leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and government.  Among his interviews were Ambassadors of countries, Olympic athletes, World class entertainers, and top CEO’s.  Anderson now applies these experiences to his powerful leadership model to produce systemic results within organizations, increasing production and efficiency.

Anderson, founder and CEO of Leaper Footwear LLC, discovered his own success as an entrepreneur as an inventor of a globally recognized shoe patent, revolutionizing the sports shoe industry.  Anderson has also been a top producer as a financial advisor and as a real estate professional, closing over 200 million dollars in real estate transactions.

As a Bestselling author and international speaker and business consultant, Kenny J Anderson LLC offers products, workshops, and keynote speeches that teach and train this universal leadership program.

Topic Titles


Success Stories from around the World


Blueprint For Success

Diversify your life portfolio

Mastering the Art of execution


Common Denominators For Success

List of Past Clients

  • Xyngular – Marc Walker
  • Canada Real Estate Board- Dawn Vanderhelm
  • Zermatt International Resort- Tonya Hoopes
  • First Law International- Orlando Casares