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R. Shawn McBrideR. Shawn McBride

To protect business owners and businesses

R. Shawn McBride is a corporate business attorney, author, CPA, CEO, consultant and public speaker. He is the managing member of a boutique law firm with offices in Dallas, TX and New York, NY. R. Shawn is a public speaker and has spoken nationwide at over 80 events since 2012. McBride For Business, LLC was formed in response to the increasing demand for Shawn as a buisiness visionary and consultant. He speaks to audiences and workes directly with business owners on setting their companies up for success and future growth. R. Shawn McBride is the CEO and CIO of McBride For Business which also offers professional services. His book, Business Blunders is available now on Amazon.com.

R. Shawn received his Juris Doctoroate from the University of Maryland in 2002. He also has a bachelors degree in Accounting & Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Towson University (1999).

Topic Titles

3 Laws of Empowerment

 Conflict Management and Negotiations

10 Power Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Liability

Protect Your Legal Assets & Position Your Business to Grow

10 Issues to Address in Business Partnership Agreements


Business Blunders!

List of Past Clients

  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
  • Start-up Brothers