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Project Description

Stephen HarvillStephen Harvill

Simple, Powerful and Elegant Strategies

For the past 28 years Stephen and his creative ventures team have helped some of the worlds most respected companies realize their true capabilities through implementing pioneering methods in strategic thinking.

Stephen works with companies of all sized to remove boundaries that restrict potential.

Stephen is one of the top consultants, educators and strategists working in the global business community.

Topic Titles

The idea factory – The power of ideas

Dazzling Blue – the small space between ordinary and extraordinary

Repeatable Successful Acts – The power behaviors of million dollar producers

Elegant Simplicity – creating to simple

The once upon a time project – crafting and telling emotionally engaging stories


The DNA of Creative Ventures – 21 building blocks of success

List of Past Clients

  • PEPSICO / Frito Lay
  • Wells Fargo
  • General Mills
  • Allianz
  • National Life
  • Apple
  • Pfizer
  • SW Airlines
  • HKS Architects
  • AIA
  • Touchstone Imaging
  • Samsung