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Project Description

Tony BrigmonTony Brigmon

Speaker – Author – Possibilitarian

Tony Brigmon is an astute observer of super-performing human behavior and delights in sharing examples of those behaviors that can be easily adapted by individuals and organizations – with the aim to maximize engagement, energize transformation, and enrich individual lives.

Tony was the original Ambassador of Fun for the highly successful Southwest Airlines. Initially working in Southwest’s customer care and employee development areas, he helped the corporate culture reward humor and creativity. He specializes in the organizational use of interactive fun to generate fantastic performance.

Tony is a seasoned and tireless Servant Leadership advocate, known for inspiring and creating novel people solutions to achieve improved performance and success. Over the past 30 years, Tony has earned recognition nationally and internationally for his presentation, training, and consulting work in a wide array of major organizations, always with the aim to maximize engagement, energize transformation, and enrich individual lives.

“I Believe people find you irresistibly attractive when you make it all about THEM. And it’s easy when you know how to communicate to energize, connect to engage, and cultivate happiness to enrich. Some great teachers taught me how to do this. I can teach you. It’s what I do. The more I get to share the more alive I become. Woo hoo.”

Topic Titles

“Are We Having FUN, Yet?

“Your Culture of Success”
Building Collaboration, Trust, and Positive energy

“Toss the Boss Leadership”
Bosses drive. Leaders Lead. Bosses fail. Leaders Success.

“Team Dream – Dream Team”
People Will Support what they Help Create

“The Care Principle”
Caring for Self – Others – Work

“Your Title – Your Messages”
Tony tailors a presentation based on inside information provided by Meeting Planner


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List of Past Clients

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Shell
  • Sprint, University of California Davis
  • Lockheed Martin, Sterling Chemicals, St. Luke’s Hospital
  • Ryland Homes, Tesoro, GVTV, First Bank, USAL
  • Over 1700 others