Seven Myths About Speaker Bureaus

Myth #l: Speaker bureaus only book celebrities and top billing personalities such as Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Anthony Robbins and Terry Bradshaw.

Fact: While those speakers are available, quality speaker bureaus work with ALL budgets. Not every event merits a high-end speaker, however, every event deserves a professional speaker worth a proven performance record regardless of the size of your budget.

Myth #2: Speaker bureaus add more hassle to the meeting professional because they create a middleman.

Fact: Actually, speaker bureaus facilitate the process for meeting professionals because there is only ONE contact person to assist you, not the many representatives for each individual speaker A quality bureau will eliminate your headaches, while streamlining the process and paperwork.

Myth #3: Speaker bureaus cost more to use.

Fact: Absolutely not! Professional speakers pay the bureaus out of the fees they would charge a client. It costs no more to use a bureau than to go directly to the speaker. For the same price structure, a bureau acts as a resource for you and your group.

Myth #4: Speaker bureaus are never around when you need them; they go home at the end of the day.

Fact: Unlike the professional speaker who is always on the road traveling from event to event, a bureau is stationary and can send materials at a moment’s notice. A quality bureau will always give you an emergency number so you have 24 hour access to them.

Myth #5: Speaker bureaus only “sell” their speakers.

Fact: Almost all-independent bureaus have a core group of speakers who produce consistent results and have earned bureaus respect. However, we constantly research and identify those speakers who are the best match for your group. Some speakers own their own “bureaus”. Therefore, their agenda to promote a particular speaker can be influenced by their personal desire for the speaking engagement. The owners of GSl are not speakers; our advice in your selection process is unbiased. We have thousands of speakers we can research to fit YOUR particular need.

Myth #6: Speaker bureaus do not care about the outcome of your event.

Fact: A professional bureau has a vested interest in making sure your speakers are a success and that you receive the standing ovation you deserve. The owners of GSI have been on both sides of meeting planning. We understand that there is nothing more painful than being in the audience and realizing the speaker you have hired was not a fit or did not perform to your expectations. If the inevitable happens and a speaker cannot honor his or his commitment, a bureau can help you find a solution. Using a speaker bureau is like having good insurance…you need a back-up plan and support when the unexpected happens.

Myth #7: Speaker bureaus are interested only in a one time sale.

Fact: Good speaker bureaus are interested in long term relationships with their clients. Consequently, we become information resources for the meeting professional. We can be as involved with the decision making process as needed. Many times clients look to us for topics, trends and determining who and what is hot in the market. Your continued satisfaction is our utmost concern in our dealings.

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About the Author:

Betty E. Garrett
Betty is a leader in Meeting Professionals International, having served as chapter president, and was the recipient of the Marion Kershner Memorial Leadership Award by MPI. The National Speakers Association named her the Partner of the Year, and she has helped many speakers gain momentum on the speaking circuit.